What is 'Sage Advice'?
It is a unique, interactive & LIVE virtual course 
with Herbal Health Coach, Autumn Schulze
focusing on:
*Becoming an Herbalist* & *Basic Home Herbal Remedies*

If you're reading this, congratulations!  

With the Sage Advice: Home Herbal Apothecary Membership, 
you can have your own personal Herbalist for Sage Advice 
as well as a supportive herbal community right in your pocket.    

'Sage Advice' is for you if :
- You are drawn to natural healing

- You have a desire to study Herbalism from home

- You are seeking access to an Herbalist to ask questions

- You want more confidence to support yourself, family, friends & even clients safely

- You seeking a supportive & interactive Community of Herbalists
Choose to Pay Monthly for a 12 Month Membership 
or Receive 1.5 Months FREE when paying Annually
Join our Abundant Herbal Community Today!
Come to learn, share, & receive support from a unique herbal community. 
Throughout history, the practice of herbalism has been enhanced by those coming together 
to share & support.
Turn your desire to learn herbalism into the fuel of creation through practical applications & get many yummy kitchen remedies too!

Weekly Trainings/Discussions
60 Minute Sessions
LIVE & Interactive

With Herbal Health Coach,
Autumn Schulze 
Fun, interactive discussions are held via LIVE video on ZOOM to get real time feedback on your remedies or ask questions about the training content.
LIVE Herbal Support Call replays will be available for those who can not attend.
Can't attend LIVE Thursdays?
No problem! 
Training replays (& handouts)
will be available for those who cannot attend LIVE. 

Via membership access to the 
'Sage Advice'  on-line learning portal 
called 'Thinkific'. 
It provides access to all course content, resources, & organizes historical LIVE training replays by topic.
So no matter when you join, 
you can look back and solidify your herbal foundations.
Herbalism Beginner Basics
Getting Started with Herbalism
The Preservation of Magic: Procuring Herbs & Apothecary Storage
The Dressings of the Apothecary (Home Herbal Apothecary Tool Basics)
The Beauty of over 
15 Herbal Therapeutics
Trusted Herbalism Resources & References
First Year Topics include
The Bouquet of Herbal Teas, Baths, & Steams
The Simplicity of Tinctures & Elixirs
The Wonder of Infused Oils
The Subtle Power of Skin Salves
Plus topics chosen by YOU
the membership
Plus an exciting occasional 
herbalist spotlight or guest trainer.
Lock in the current price. 
Membership prices are planned to increase, as the volume of historical recorded LIVE trainings grow in number.
As a member, you will help to shape the future of the community 
trainings & content.
Be the first to receive all of the juicy content, from recipes to formula worksheets. We will build the basics & grow from there together. 
Join Our Abundant Herbal Community Today  
Choose to Pay Monthly for a 12 Month Membership
or Receive 1.5 Months FREE When Paying Annually
Community Host
I am Autumn Schulze, 
known as 'The Herbal Health Coach' 
I guide & empower others to prioritize their own
health & perform at their best level.
I love sharing herbal remedies 
& educating on the healing powers of food as medicine.
My exploration of the body began more than 20 years ago when I earned a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Biomedical Science, from Texas A&M University. 
Then I spent over 13 years working in the clinical pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on coordinating and auditing investigative human drug trials. 
Transitioning into holistic health when my father’s cancer returned, I developed a better understanding of the healing power of food & herbs.  I then studied Herbal Medicine via several in person & online programs, and earned a health coach certification. 

CEO of Autumn’s Harvest, LLC  
& creator of the ‘Thyme to Thrive’ Gut Healing Program.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: When does this start?
A:  Enrollment is open as of Jan. 1, 2021. There is not a set date to close enrollment & one can join at anytime.

Q: What happens when I sign up?
- After you create your personal Thinkific log in & complete payment, you instantly gain access, via Thinkific, to historical pre-recorded material. 
- A confirmation email for your log in access will be automatically sent to the email you signed up with. 
- Keep in mind this is a LIVE course and therefore training & recordings are beginning Jan. 2021.
-  You will also receive a membership welcome e-mail with the link to the Private Facebook Community Group. Just click to join and I'll approve you!

Q: Are these lessons LIVE or recorded?
A: Both! You'll have a mix of live group training, Discussion/FAQ sessions & any pre-recorded video trainings that you can jump into right away. 
-We use a great platform that allows us to share our screens & also broadcasts LIVE into the group. 
-If you aren’t up for video trainings, you can also call in via phone. 
-PLUS pre-recorded training videos are organized by topic in an easy to access platform where you can find the solutions when you need them.

Q: When are the LIVE sessions?
A: LIVE sessions are Thursdays at 1PM CST & 7PM CST Weekly (for 60 minutes, same content for both sessions), with a mix of: 
- Training Sessions (planned herbal lessons listed above)
- Discussion Sessions (FAQs, sharing, diving deeper into a topic)
- Occasional Sage Saturday Events for 2-8 Hours.

Q: How will I access ‘Thinkific’ the online learning platform for recordings?
A: You will create a personal log in to our online course platform. There recorded trainings & other content is organized.

Q: How will I access the Facebook Group?
A: After you purchase the course, you will get an email with a link to the private Facebook group. Make sure you ask to join the group so I can approve you!

Q: After I buy the class, how long will I have to watch them?
A: You’ll have access as long as you are in the Course Membership.

Q: What if I fall behind, will it be weird if I jump in a training session without watching the videos?
A: The best way for you to make the most of your membership is by jumping in feet first. However, I know the life can be unpredictable. So, you can come to the sessions & ask ANYTHING. Everyone is going to be at their own pace depending on their individual circumstances.

Q: Is there a PAYMENT PLAN so I can easily purchase the course today?
A: Yes. There is a payment plan that is just $57 a month for 12 months! Super easy!!

Q: Can I get a refund or cancel my membership?
A:  I believe wholeheartedly in the value this course provides, BUT - you can’t come in and look around and change your mind.   In joining the membership, you are agreeing to a commitment of 12 months, either via monthly payments or one-time discounted payment. 
If you join, and do the work, but find that it’s not for you…please reach out to me directly and we can discuss a cancellation or alternative option.

Q: How does this price compare to private herbal & health education sessions?
A: It’s a steal! Our Herbal Health coaching sessions for a professional level range from $100 to $500 an hour. With this program, you are getting open access to advice from Autumn & via the Group. Several hours of video instruction & roughly 2-4 hours of live training a month! Being empowered with remedies at home to support the body is so important, especially in 2021. This is a great way to get support at a group membership price!

Join Our Abundant Herbal Community Today!
Choose to Pay Monthly for a 12 Month Membership 
or Receive 1.5 Months FREE When Paying Annually
The foundation of Herbalism is the sharing of knowledge & practices.

Among our course community, there is a desire to learn how to partner with plants, in order to support natural wellness.

With the Sage Advice: Home Herbal Apothecary Membership
you can have your own personal Herbalist for Sage Advice 
as well as a supportive herbal community right in your pocket. 

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All Rights Reserved.
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